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Companion site for new book:

Web Mining and Social Networking: Techniques and Applications

G. Xu, Y. Zhang, L. Li (Authored),  Springer, 2010 (in print).

Web Communities: Analysis and Construction
Yanchun Zhang, Jeffrey Xu Yu,  Jingyu Hou
Springer  2006

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Short Biography:

Yanchun Zhang is a Professor and the Director of Centre for Applied Informatics at Victoria University. He received the National thousand Talent Program Award from China in 2010, and is currently a director on the Australia-China Joint Lab on Social Computing and E-Health, a joint initiative from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science and Victoria University. He obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science from The University of Queensland in 1991. He was a research fellow at UQ and CRC Distributed Distributed Systems Technology from 1991 to 1993,  and an academic member in the Department of Mathematics and Computing at University of Southern Queensland from 1994 to June 2003. He has been active in areas of database and information systems, distributed databases, Web and internet technologies, Web information systems, Web data management, Web mining, Web search,  Web services, and e-Research. He has published over 220 research papers in international journals and conferences proceedings, and authored/edited 12 books. His research has been supported by a number of Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage projects and discovery project grants. He was the winner of 2005 Victoria University Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Research, and 2011 Victoria University Vice-Chancellorís Peak Award for Research and Research Training in Research Supervision, respectively. He was a member of Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Experts (2008-2010). He is currently a steering committee member of The ARC Research Network in Enterprise Information Infrastructure (EII). He held honorary professor positions at several universities/institutions in China, including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Northerneast University, Hubei University, Hebei Polytechnic University and Hebei Normal University, and visiting professor position at Nagoya University in Japan (2006/7).

He is the Editor-In-Chief of World Wide Web journal (Springer) and Health Information Science and Systems journal (BioMed Central), and the Editor of Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series from Springer. He is Chairman of Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE) Society. He is Australian representative of International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) 's Working Group WG6.4 on Internet Applications Engineering.

Recent ARC Funding in Centre for Applied Informatics:

Y Zhang, H Wang, X Yi, J Soar, Y Miao, B Heyward, Privacy Preserving Data Sharing in Electronic Health Environment, ARC Linkage Project (LP150100673), 2015-2018 ($295,000 + $150,000 from Industry)

Y. Zhang, G. Huang, Deep Data Mining for Anomaly Prediction from Sensor Data Streams, Project (DP140100841), 2014-2016 ($329,027)

Y. Zhang, J. He, P. de Souza, Using Data Mining Methods to Remove Uncertainties in Sensor Data Streams, ARC Discovery Project (DP130101327), 2013-2015 ($270,000)

Y. Zhang, X. Yi, J. He, M. Steyn, K. Taraporewalla, J. Cao Real-time and Self- Adaptive Stream Data Analyser for Intensive Care Management, ARC Linkage Project (LP100200682), 2010-2013 ($345,000)

Y. Miao and Y. Zhang, Data Exchange and Service Integration with Applications in Health Information Systems, ARC Linkage Project (LP100100624), 2010-2012  ($312,453)

X  Zhou,  J L Hunter,  Y Zhang,  S Sadiq and E G Abal,  Data Enhancement, Integration and Access Services for Smarter, Collaborative and Adaptive Whole of Water Cycle Management, ARC Linkage Project, 2008-2010  ($270,603)

X Yi and Y Zhang, Privacy Protection in Distributed Data Mining, ARC Discovery Project, 2007-2009. ($165,708)

Y. Zhang,  C. Liu, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou,  A Framework for Consistent Collaborative Business Transactions, ARC  Discovery , 2005-2007 ($218,000)

X Zhou, Lin, Y. Zhang, Multi level resolution spatial query processing, ARC Discovery Project (DP0345710), 2003-2005 ($170,000)

Y. Zhang,  H. Shi and E. Beal, P2P research network for  digital legal information sharing and management, ARC e-Research, 2005-2006 ($75,000)

Orlowska, X Zhou, Y. Zhang, ARC Research Network in Enterprise Information Infrastructure, ARC Research Network (RN0459895), 2004-2009 ($3,200,000 ($1,600,000 Plus ($1,600,000 from partners))

Orlowska, X Zhou, Y. Zhang, ARC Research Network in Enterprise Information Infrastructure, ARC Seeding Fund, 2004 ($30,000)

     The 5th International Conference on Health Information Science (HIS'16) November 5-7 Nov, 2016, Shanghai, China.

     The 17th International Conference on Web Information System Engineering (WISE'16) November 7-10, 2016, Shanghai, China.

     The 4th IEEE International Conference on Orange Technologies (ICOT'16) December 17-20, 2016, Melbourne, Australia.


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